Kathrine Jones - Counsellor

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I now devote all of my counselling work to my private practice, which mainly involves me working from my therapy room in Darlington with individuals. 

In addition to my clients in Darlington, I'm involved with counselling students at Chapters Counselling and Training who are currently training to become counsellors themselves. I also take referrals from some occupational health companies offering employee assistance schemes for their staff. 

​People come to me for many different issues. You can see here what issues I work with here. My interests lie in working with people who struggle with self esteem, don't value themselves or feel they are always trying to please others and never have any time for themselves. I love to help people who want to improve their lives but can't see a way forward. I also have a developing interest in trauma work. 

My Work with adults

​"Adults are only kids grown up, anyway." - Walt Disney

Private practice - current

My work with children

​​​​​​I've worked therapeutically with children and young adults on a one-to-one basis in a number of different settings including schools and colleges. Most recently for Alliance Psychological Services as part of a team of psychological therapists providing a targeted service aiming to improve the emotional health and well-being of children. Using play therapy techniques and counselling skills, children learn important coping strategies and gain improved self esteem from a young age. ​

I was privileged to be the counsellor for students at Darlington College for a period of time where I worked predominantly with issues around low self-esteem and self-confidence, loss/change and transition, as well as early relationship issues and more. 

                         One of the schools I worked in was through the Place2Be, where I                              received training in a wide variety of play therapy techniques.                              As well as learning about counselling children, here I also learned                          that working creatively with adults is wonderful way of allowing them to experience the joy and freedom of expression which can enhance their counselling experience. It's not just children who benefit from the use of sand, clay, paint, games and more! No artistic talent required, just a willingness to play!

​​My previous work with adults has included working for Talking Matters, Teesside, working primarily with NHS GP referrals with people presenting with a huge variety of issues such as bereavement, stress, major life changes and social anxiety. 

​​My experience also includes working for Gay Advice Darlington offering counselling to those with issues that may include uncertainty about sexual orientation, gender issues, struggles with themselves or family members around LGBT issues.

I worked at the Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre, Darlington, both as a volunteer counsellor and helpline support.  I supported and                                   counselled people who had suffered recent rape or childhood                                 sexual abuse and people affected by domestic violence or                                      who had been in controlling relationships.  Together we                                   worked through the feelings surrounding their experiences,                               working towards understanding and quite often acceptance. 

I completed some in depth training when I worked here, which has given me huge insight and awareness into the areas of childhood sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence and other types of abuse. Here I also trained to be a facilitator of Pat Craven's 'Freedom Programme'. 

​​About my counselling experience

​​​​​​​About me 

I remember being a young teen writing to an agony aunt in a girls magazine and whenever I received my letters of reply my life made so                                     much more sense! I felt so much more in control and less of                                     an 'odd one out'. I gained so much from those replies that I                                   though that one day I would like to be an agony aunt myself!


I also remember watching Claire Raynor on TV-AM thinking that one day I could do her job! Many years later, I began considering the real possibility of becoming a counsellor, having felt as though I have always been someone people naturally turn to. I always loved being a rock, confidante and friend and felt very privileged that people trusted me.  I still, to this day, feel the same in my counselling work.

I also have first hand experience of having counselling myself, so I fully understand what it is like to be in the position of a client not really knowing what to expect.

In 2010, I felt I needed more out of life, and made the decision to change my career path completely and start professional counselling training.  I studied at Chapters Counselling and Training centre, gaining a huge amount of experience and training along the way and now hold a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, am fully insured and am a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).