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E.M.I. stands for 'Eye Movement Integration'.  A ‘plus’ was simply added to give definition to the current, more effective way we now use the therapy which incorporates relaxed breathing techniques. 

EMI+ therapy is a very safe, brief process used for resolving psychological trauma, intrusive memories, shame, guilt, phobia and other undesirable emotional imprints in adults and young people.

When someone has experienced something that has been traumatic, painful or negatively emotionally charged, quite often the intensity of the experience fades and people are generally ok. There are times, however, when one (or sometimes more than one) memory keeps popping up and brings with it all that unwanted emotional distress. This can be painful, unpleasant and unwanted.

EMI+ therapy is an excellent way to de-couple emotional pain from memory. The memory will remain there, along with all associated learnings. The emotional pain that is attached to the memory will not. After EMI+ therapy you will still be able to recall the memory you chose to work on, but you will be free of the painful emotion you had previously attached to the memory. 

EMI+ Therapy can help you address the following issues:

PTSD ~ Traumatic memories ~ historic bullying 
Embarrassing past events ~ shame

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EMI+ therapy 

Kathrine Jones - Counsellor