Kathrine Jones

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Counselling in person (60 minutes)
£35 per session
(£25 per session for student counsellors accruing hours for completion of study)

Skype counselling (60 minutes)
£35 per session

Online text chat counselling sessions 
£35 per session (60 minutes) 
£20 per session (30 minutes)

'7 cups' app text chat 
Free of charge ​
(first three days) then

$150 (approx £106) per month (One reply per day, Monday to Friday)


£120 for a 2 session package (1 x 90 minute session and 1 x 60 minute session)
£160 for a 3 session Package (1 x 90 minute session and 2 x 60 minute sessions)
You receive a FREE recording of your personalised hypnotherapy session with either package.
(The 3 session package would more beneficial to you because you receive the additional reinforcing hypnotherapy in person, as well as being able to have more input into what goes into the recording that you take away.
£40 per session for optional additional hypnotherapy reinforcing sessions (up to 60 minutes each) should you feel you would benefit from experiencing more hypnotherapy in person.

EMI+ therapy
Free of charge as part of a counselling session or 
£35 per session (up to 60 minutes)

Payment may be made in cash or cheque at the session
or in advance by Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer
(All email and Skype sessions must be paid for in advance, thank you)

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