Kathrine Jones - Counsellor

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If you are feeling suicidal right now or you need immediate help please contact the Samaritans on 116123

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​​Frequently asked questions about counselling

​If you have any further questions about counselling or any other therapies I offer, or if you wish 

to book an appointment, contact me here

What will my first session be like?

Our first session is an opportunity to get to  know each other. It will allow you to ask me any questions you may have and for me to understand what it is that has brought you to counselling.

I will also ask you if you have an aim in mind as to what you want to achieve through counselling. 

We'll also discuss confidentiality and there will be a small amount of paperwork to run through.

How many sessions will I need?
It really depends on what it is you would like to achieve through counselling.  People attend counselling for varying lengths of time, from 6-8 weeks to many months and longer.  
If you feel you wish to just 'dip in' to counselling every fortnight or month for example, this may be an option for you. This is something we could discuss when we meet. 
Whatever it is you feel you require, I am able to work short, medium or long term.  We will review on a regular basis to ensure that you are happy with the way things are progressing for you.  

How does counselling actually work?
Counselling involves talking about sensitive issues and revealing personal thoughts and feelings, therefore in order for counselling to work, it is important to build a trusting counselling relationship.  I always make it a priority to ensure you feel as emotionally safe as possible during our sessions together.  
Once you feel safe and relaxed with me, counselling can really work. Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk confidentially to someone impartial, so you are free to explore your true feelings and be supported without judgement. 

​Do you offer advice?
Offering advice is not something I do. The discussions we will have during counselling sessions will be aimed at helping you understand what is going on for you as an individual and to look at what might be best for you in your current circumstances.
If I were to offer advice it would only be my opinion, and it may not be right for you. Therefore I do not profess to be an expert about you, the only expert about yourself is YOU! 

​Do you offer counselling to children?
Yes. I have experience working as a children's counsellor in a school with children from age 4 to 11 years old. I've also worked with teenagers both privately and in a college environment. Parental/carer consent will be required before counselling can commence with a person under the age of 16 years old (sometimes consent may also be required between the ages of 16-18 years old). Please contact me for further information regarding counselling children. 

​Do you offer counselling to couples?
I currently only offer counselling to individuals. 

​Will my sessions be confidential?
The content of your sessions will remain confidential, yes, and whatever you tell me will be treated without judgement and with great respect.  I will never share your personal information.
There are some exceptions to this confidentiality, which I will explain in our first meeting. 

Do you have wheelchair access?
I do not currently have access to premises where wheelchair access is available. Please contact me before an appointment if you have any difficulty with stairs. 

​Why should I choose you as my counsellor?
I will accept you NO MATTER WHAT you tell me. I will never judge you. I encourage you to be as open and honest about your feelings and circumstances as you feel you can be so that we can work together to help get you to wherever it is you would like to be.
Research has shown that the most successful results gained from counselling happen when a there is trust between a client and counsellor. The more honest you can be with me about what you are thinking, feeling and going through, the more you will gain from counselling. It is for this reason I feel it is important that you know you can trust me and be honest with me without any fear of judgement or analysis. 

​​​When are you available? 
My availability changes on a daily basis! I will endeavour to see you as soon as possible. Simply contact me and let me know when you are available for an appointment (the more options you give me the better) and I'll be back in touch to offer you a date and time that suits us both. If I'm available straight away I'll see you straight away! I currently work during the day and some early evenings.