Kathrine Jones - Counsellor

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If you are feeling suicidal right now or you need immediate help please contact the Samaritans on 116123

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"Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, went home feeling so much better. Amazed at the power of counselling!"

(Text from counselling client, after session, July 2016 )  

"Thank you for helping me, I have really enjoyed our time together"

(Thank you card, 6yr old boy, December 2015)  

"Very pleasant lady. Made to feel comfortable and open up. Would highly recommend."

(Live review on RSCPP website, May 2015)

"Kathrine was friendly and easy to talk to. It was easy to open up to her. She has a very gentle and non judgemental approach. She helped me to look at the route cause of the problems I was facing and work from there. She made suggestions that I hadn't considered before which really helped to put my thoughts in order. Things just seemed to slot in to place. I feel more confident about myself after seeing Kathrine, it definitely helped me a lot."

(Live review on RSCPP website, counselling client,   March 2016)  

"Thank you Kathrine, you have helped me tremendously through this difficult time"

(Thank you card, counselling client, July 2013)  

"I feel different somehow, like I've changed for the better. You've helped me see things so differently"

(Counselling client, February 2014) 

"Just to say I'm 3 stone lighter, work going well and I smileevery day thanks to you and the help counselling gave me.." 

(Text received six months after completing counselling, January 2015)

"Kathrine is a tremendously warm and understanding person ... I feel relaxed and able to discuss anything that is on my mind, secure in the knowledge that my beliefs and experiences will be treated in total confidence and with empathy and respect"

(Live review on RSCPP website, counselling client,   March 2015)  

Here are just some of the lovely comments I have received from clients that have been happy to share their experiences: 

(Proof that therapy CAN ABSOLUTELY make a difference!)